Our premium beef meats, prepared by Muffs butchers in Bromborough, Wirral. Our range includes tender Brisket Beef, perfect for slow-cooking, succulent Beef Roasting Joints, Beef Mince, Diced Beef for stews, and Beef Braising Steak. All our beef meat products are available to order online for home delivery.

Raw Black Angus prime beef chuck roll steak on a cutting board w (Muffs Online Wirral)

Beef Braising Steak


Mince. Ground meat with ingredients for cooking (Muffs Online Wirral)

Beef Mince


roasted pork on a plate in front of christmas lights (Muffs Online Wirral)

Beef Roasting Joint


Steak (Muffs Online Wirral)

Brisket Beef


Steak (Muffs Online Wirral)

Diced Beef