We are most famous for our Award winning Sausages.

Stephen Muff won his first competition in 1993 at the Cheshire show and has not looked back!

Since then he has won pretty much every major award including Champion of Champions and a Great Taste Award.

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Old English (Thick or Thin)
Mixed herbs & peppers with fresh pork

Traditional Pork (Thick or Thin)
Fresh pork, lightly seasoned

A very small version of pork sausage, ideal party food

The same recipe as the pork but thicker and in a continual ring

Pork, garlic & herbs

Pork & Chive
Pork with fresh chives

Smoked Venison
Venison gently smoked with orange & cranberry

Pork with Italian herbs

Hot Spanish (very Hot!)
Chorizo style sausage with paprika cayenne & chilli

Pork with Stilton & Asparagus
Pork with Stilton cheese & asparagus

Pork with Caramelized Onion & Balsamic Vinegar
A grate combination

Chicken & Black Pudding
Fresh chicken with cubes of our Award winning black pudding

Beef Sausage
Three types to choose from, plain, with tomato or with horseradish

Pork & Chilli
Fresh pork with chilli

Pork with celery, leek & tomato

Welsh lamb, carrots, onion & swede

Pork with root ginger, coriander & garlic

Pork with roasted red peppers, caramelised onion, jalapeƱos & gruyere cheese


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